Swarm: (noun) a large number grouped together in motion

These are not normal times. The current climate is unlike anything we've experienced. For many of us, activism is new. It's uncomfortable and exhilarating, all at once.

The Swarmm was conceived of the idea that we can all have an impact. Taking daily action is taking control and not giving in to a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness. The goal is to use the momentum of the movement to bring visible change. 

For many the movement started on Day 1 of the new administration by participating in or supporting the Women's March. More than a symbol of solidarity, it was a living, breathing - peaceful and powerful - representation of humanity that cannot and will not standby silently.

Let's continue this walk together by moving away from divisive language and making order of the surrounding chaos. By taking daily action, staying educated and maintaining awareness that these are unprecedented times. 

There is a lot at stake, but together we can bring about positive change.